Saturday, August 31, 2019

The company requires a short description of the proposed project

A prominent publishing company, has contacted you about the possibility of writing a new textbook for the first semester History of World Civilizations course, a potentially very lucrative undertaking.The company requires a short description of the proposed project that includes:   a possible table of contents; an overview of the purpose of the book (and what will be unique about it); a rationale for the book's organization; and an explanation of the key themes to be developed.Please take the time to organize your thoughts in a logical manner and cite evidence to support your analysis.The 21st century is filled with technological innovations and scientific discoveries that have significantly improved how the human race subsists. Since the beginning of time, man has constantly aim for development and progress.As a result, numerous changes have transpired which paved the way for the occurrence of civilizations. Without these developments, the contemporary society would not be able to enjoy and at the same time benefit from the modern conveniences that were all made possible through the ingenuity and intelligence of the ancient people.Most of the history books have almost accurately tackled the advancement of the political, social, cultural and economic aspects of the society in the six continents of the world namely: Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and North and South America. However, this book that I am proposing would discuss the relationship between nature and civilization.There have been previous studies conducted that argued that civilization is a â€Å"by-product of these social adaptations to environmental change† (Rockets, 2006). More so, based on several archaeological expeditions, scientists and historians have theorized that the â€Å"development of civilization was simply the result of a transition from harsh, unpredictable climatic conditions during the last ice age, to more benign and stable conditions at the beginning of the Holocene per iod some 10,000 years ago† (Environment News Service, 2006).Because of this notion, I have decided to write a book that would provide historical accounts on how man and nature have evolved that contributed to the formation of civilizations which have become the core of human existence. Through this book, readers would be enlightened on how the interaction between man and nature and their development have played a role in the advancement of humanity.Moreover, this undertaking would provide answers on why climate has changed and determine the contributions of man in the present environmental phenomenon. This book offers a timely subject matter and revealing historical information that would give a new perspective on World Civilizations.

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