Sunday, August 25, 2019

Organizational structure and leaderships Term Paper

Organizational structure and leaderships - Term Paper Example Many companies have adapted a bureaucratic form of management whereby there are exaggerated numbers of management levels. Such forms of management are regarded as too bossy. A flat organizational structure in my organization therefore has fewer managers hence decisions are made in a promptly (Huffmire, 2006). In addition, employees are able to make autonomous pronouncement. According to DuBrin (2011), "A flat organizational structure acts less bureaucratically for two reasons. First, fewer available managers review the decisions of other workers. Second, a shorter chain of command means that managers and workers at lower levels can make decisions more independently" (p. 274). Decision making within my organization is decentralized as in any other institution with a flat organizational structure. Subsequently, decision making at the departmental level is also decentralized. A good example is at the Human Resource department. This means that employees at this department are able to make their own work related decisions without necessarily seeking authorization from the human resource manager as long as the decision lies within organizational objectives and plans of action. There are very few individuals with decision-making or administrative roles at the top level of hierarchy in a flat structure, and this helps improve efficiency in the decision making process as the employees do not have to seek authorization to make minor pronouncements from the top level managers. Due to the chain of command in a centralized system of leadership, making resolution may take a long time to accomplish (Huffmire, 2006). According to DuBrin (2011), a formal type of leadership is characterized by a centralized form of management. In other words, the manager or the individual with all the powers in decision making in an organization is at the top level in the hierarchy. In an informal leadership, on the other hand, the decision maker

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