Friday, December 6, 2019

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As I lay upon the brightly lit operation table just before surgery I notice the Baylor doctorate degree hanging on the wall across the hall, and I thought to myself Baylor taught him how to save me, so Baylor is where I want to be. Not many people even start thinking about college, let alone know what college they want to go to after eighteen years, so I found myself to be pretty lucky that I knew at the age of eleven. Baylor is extraordinary, incomparable, and by far stands out more than any other college I have had the pleasure to tour. Baylors campus is just gorgeous, the teaching staff is superior than that of any other campus I have researched, and the football team has beenone of my favorites for many years, and many years to come. Baylor has been a main achievement in my family since I was young. We will write a custom essay sample on Help Me Help You or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Ever since I was little I have been on and off Baylors many facilities. My mother went to school at Baylor and got a BSN in nursing. She then started a part time job at the Baylor Surgical Center in Granbury, Texas. While during all of this she was raising me. As you can see my first words were practically Baylor. Baylor is the prime campus I would like to attend because I feel as if it offers so much more than your average hometown college. Baylor offers not only a grade A learning facility, but also it gives you experience and memories. Nobody ever became great at what they do from just sitting and watching or listening, they would get out there and do.They would do hands on activities, or one on one with the teacher, even tutoring every day after school if that what it took; not just sit in the back of the class and think about what party was going on that night or treat it as a blow off class. When I get in class I expect every day to be a new experience! I expect the teacher to want to teach not have to teach. The last day of school I should feel just as excited as I did the first day to learn, because the school and the teachers have made it memorable, and exciting. That is why I want to attend Baylor, because I am certain that every day will be a new learning experience, fresh day, or memory.

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