Friday, November 8, 2019

Review the education system essays

Review the education system essays Education is the essence of life. The primitive man was no better than a wild animal but that same man has now become dignified and coherent to a great extent only due to education. Education helps us throughout our life. An educated person is better equipped to face any kind of dangers or difficulties that come his way at various stages of life. He not only understands the problems better but is also able to derive more logical and enhanced solutions to the problems. An educated person knows his rights and duties and so does not sustain any wrongs done to him. Education being so important is given full attention to in India too. In India, the two most recognized patterns of secondary education are the CBSE and ICSE. Both of these are organizations that affiliate the voluntary institutions to the board. The affiliated schools are then required to follow a given syllabus that is the same countrywide. The students are then assessed by means of question papers provided which are prepared by the experts of the respective fields. This education system is somewhat good as the students are evaluated at national level and in a set pattern. But the system has more cons than pros. The worst is the presence of two boards itself. The problem is that an institute affiliated to a certain board considers any student of the other board to be below par of a student who is scoring the same in their board. This leads to the students being spellbound to a certain board and reduces the alternates available for higher education. Another problem is the syllabus. It is far too wide in scope and results in the students ending up studying all day and night long. This in turn starts to affect the health of the students. The syllabus has now, in many terms, become obsolete and the students are thus forced to study heaps of matter about topics that will by far not be of any use besides in school life. A definite solution to this is th ...

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