Monday, October 7, 2019

GUIDELINES ASSIGNMENTS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

GUIDELINES ASSIGNMENTS - Essay Example For this reason, adults often migrate from rural to urban areas hoping to find good employment opportunities that the local business cannot provide them. Because of this situation, a large percentage of young adults relocate to the city leaving their elderly parents behind. The study aims to establish a relationship between incidence of depression among elderly parents and outmigration of children ( Abas, 2009). The study was conducted among a rural area in Thailand using a population based survey of 1,147 ageing parents (p.56). The subjects were recruited based on the following criteria: must at least be 60 years old, a parent of at least one living child, and Thai-speaking. Certain conditions were set by the researchers to establish the term â€Å"outmigrant† child. The researchers classified an â€Å"outmigrant child† as someone who has not come home for at least three successive months and lives no less than 15 km from the area being surveyed (p.55). The resea rchers formulated a survey wherein teams were dispatched to interview the subjects. Assistance from local administrators were sought to be able to have access to the community. The research was carried for 3 months (November 2006-January 2007) in Kanchanaburi, western Thailand (p.54).

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